The classic & chic socks, a concept Achile

It is not illegal in France, as elsewhere in the world, to be chic toe to toe. To satisfy all those and all those for whom appearance is comparable artistic work table of a painter, Achile launched the concept of classic & chic socks. Behind this name hides socks whose design and colors have been carefully studied in order to meet the elegance and class standards.

Versatile socks

Respect a dress code, associate pair of shoes and socks revolutionize a summer dress and highlight his socks, etc., these are all situations during which the classic & chic socks Achile prove unavoidable. The versatile sock Achile will adapt to all situations, even the most unpredictable. In case of emergency clothing, nothing better than a pair of classic & chic socks to keep the class in all circumstances.

Socks made in France

Usually, the more France is a country celebrated for its culinary expertise, and our British neighbors to the importance they attach to their clothing appearance. The Achile brand decided to ignore these boundaries, and any class and glamor of the English in the French manufacturing socks. However, she managed to keep the riches of our territory and our national emblems, as evidenced by the models marinières socks. She also added a key ingredient to the success of classic & chic socks: quality.

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