To a large selection of socks, have the reflex Achile.

Do not be afraid to put your feet forward, now the sock is no longer hidden. bright colors, surprising or traditional designs, the sock is displayed in all styles and we like that. It becomes a full-fledged fashion accessory and some models must be included in any self-respecting wardrobe.

The sock is no longer hidden.

While some love the muted colors and respect the traditions of black, beige or brown in order to match them with their pants, especially when it comes to costumes, others opt for fantasy and choose socks to the original colors and patterns. At Achile, they will be filled with a wide selection of articles of pure French manufacture of quality. Models striped patterns Mademoiselle will be perfect to stay with discretion, like weight patterns. To wear with small low sneakers, we will opt for socks or hypnotic Love that hinder in any way the ankle. To wear with his slippers, why not choose the Paragraph model.

What height for his socks?

The choice of the height of these items depends on both a concern for style and a notion of the other comfort. Indeed, in look, it is better to favor low socks, especially if they are very colorful or with too obvious reasons. By cons, if the reasons are discreet, men may well have high socks under their pants. Then, in terms of comfort when wearing high shoes like boots or ankle boots, it is preferable to choose models covering the ankle for comfort. By cons, with small low shoes, the sock is needed and it will be much more elegant.

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