The art of choosing his socks in all circumstances

Short, long, sports or elegant, socks accompany us daily in all seasons and for all occasions.

For even more comfort, the socks are made of different materials: natural fibers - cotton - Cotton Lisle - wool - silk - viscose - angora - viscose bamboo ... These materials adapted to all circumstances!

Materials socks

Among the natural fibers are especially cotton, wool and silk.

Cotton socks have the advantage to be worn in all seasons. Solid and comfortable, they also have undeniable virtues for better moisture absorption and color of resistance to suit washes.

The Scottish cotton thread is more durable and ensures the maintenance of colors for a long time.


Woolen socks, for their part, are of great insulating power to keep out the cold in winter and heat in summer. In addition to their incomparable sweetness, these socks are recommended to ward off any sweat problem.


Angora socks are perfect to circulate inside the home or out keeping his feet warm.

Finally, silk socks, combining smoothness and resistance to wear in summer and winter.

Our advice:

for comfort, distinguish your socks dedicated to sports socks you will wear with the cities of shoes.

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