Achile socks: made in France

As well as designing smart and original socks, first and foremost, Achile offers high quality garments. In order to achieve this skilful mix that will win the hearts of young and old wearers alike, Achile designs, develops and manufactures its socks in France. So when it comes to high quality French-made socks, Achile is the place to come.

French-made socks

Global outsourcing is not part of Achile's vocabulary. By primarily offering socks that are made in France, Achile is investing in high quality garments and expressing its enduring support for the local and national economy. Picardy is the site of the company's Moliens based factory and the location where this celebrated brand of top quality garments is produced. So not only can you be proud of adorning your feet with smart or novel designs, but you can do so happy in the knowledge that your socks came from a French factory.

Top quality, fashionable garments produced in our country!

Finally, while Achile offers us the pleasure of buying socks made in France which are therefore high quality items, this does not deter from this illustrious sock designer's ability to lead and respect current fashions and trends. Hence, our French-made socks are available in styles, patterns and designs to suit your most whimsical desires or to match the very smartest, most sombre or stylish outfits. Not to forget the range of materials, whether it's lisle thread, silk or sports socks, not forgetting wool and of course our essential range of sports socks. There can be no doubt: when it comes to creating the perfect combination of aestheticism, modernity, comfort, well-being and top quality products, Achile is the place to come for your dream garment. Hurray to that!

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