Achile: the socks with a story to tell

The Achile brand was created in 1986, the original idea being to design creative, colourful, top quality socks in one-size-fits-all for men.

By the 90s, Achile were becoming a hit thanks to a range of designs that shared the same bold personality as those who wore them. This was revolutionary at the time, as the market wallowed in drab designs! Since then, dreary socks have become a thing of the past!!!

The making of Achile socks

The Achile sock manufacturing process starts with a yarn of wool, cotton or other natural materials. The process continues with overlocking, a manufacturing technique for closing the sock at the toe without creating a seam in the case of most Achile socks made in Moliens. Then comes the forming stage, when the Achile sock takes its final shape. But an even more important component in the process consists without doubt of Achile's manufacturing techniques. For there's a story hidden behind every pair of socks.

What's the secret story behind your socks?

There are football celebrities who tell of their desire to slip into the same pair of socks every time they go out on to the pitch.

And then there are others, like you, that have their own little story behind the socks they wear. Perhaps you remember choosing a pair of smart socks for your first date? Or do you remember what first made you wear a pair of novelty socks? Relive the moment when you slipped into a pair of knee-length socks to battle a cold winter's day. All of these events are the little stories behind our socks that mean that no socks are chosen by accident. Especially when it comes to Achile socks. ? ?

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