Presenting Achile's top-quality sock collections

Your feet deserve the very best in socks.

These accessories for your outfit are just as important as the quality of your shoes when it comes to looking after the health of your feet. To be sure you are making the right choice and buying good quality French-made socks look no further than Achile.

For top quality socks, it all comes down to design

For good quality socks, the key is to invest in good quality materials. The yarn is key. The longer the fibres, the better their quality. This additional length is produced by the climate in which the cotton grows. South America offers extremely long fibres. Cotton fibres are woven together with other fibres. The quality of this woven fabric will determine how durable it is, allowing high quality socks to be produced. In particular, the reinforcements found at the tip of the toe and at the heel play in important role. These are the two points that are particularly susceptible to wear and tear. Any good quality socks must therefore have reinforcements made from more sturdy yarn.

Socks that are both high quality and high aesthetics

This is the thinking behind the French made top quality socks offered by Achile. Without making compromises on either comfort or durability, Achile also offers designs that are visually appealing and are easy to match with any dress style.

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