Sock collection? Not as crazy as it sounds!

Never thought about starting a sock collection? Well, Achile collections are likely to change your mind. Once you've had a quick browse through the virtual shelves of our on-line store, we can guarantee you'll want to own the socks we have on offer! Unique, French quality socks... There are plenty of designs to get you hooked.

A collection of highly visual socks

Among the unique socks making up the Achile collections are our complete series of graphics inspired by the idea of optical illusions and 3D effects. Our Wall full-length cotton socks are a beauty in themselves and will be the perfect elegant yet original attire for your feet. Sporting graphics with nifty shading, these Wall full-length cotton socks feature blue, orange and fuchsia graduations to match your entire wardrobe. Their charcoal grey background and black toes and ribbing will set off your outfit with style. Their Pyramides counterparts are not to be outdone and will make a visual impact guaranteed. Available in turquoise/orange, green/fuchsia and red/blue, cotton Pyramides will leave you itching to start an entire sock collection.

Collectible socks at

And for those who love unique socks, Achile collections include designs that are both fun and fashionable. Such as Robot cotton socks, or the corresponding Robots Head range. Monster, Engrenages and Camera are three more designs that are available with matching boxers from our Achile collections. So there is plenty to get you started with your very own sock collection, all with the French quality guarantee.

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