Lisle socks

Lisle socks: both comfortable and durable

Lisle thread is one of the materials preferred by sock manufacturers. Because: It is a material that is simultaneously fine, soft and elegant. So what are you waiting for? Check out our collection of lisle socks, offering a combination of style and durability, at Achile's on-line store.

Lisle thread: you're guarantee of getting quality socks

Lisle thread is a cotton thread processed using a technique called mercerisation. This stage in the manufacturing process produces a finer, more even thread that is soft, silky and shiny. The result are socks that look prettier and are more comfortable on the feet. Lisle socks are also durable socks and are resistent to frequent machine washing without losing their shape or colour. These high-quality socks will be with you for plenty of years to come! Please note that lisle thread is often combined with other natural or synthetic fibres such as polyamide or elastane to provide even greater flexibility.

Lisle socks for all the family

Both soft and fine, lisle socks are perfect for both in summer and mid-season as they are naturally cool. At our on-line store you'll find our range of lisle socks, a large number of which are French made. For men, check out our plain or striped socks for a look that is guaranteed to be stylish. Women have a choice between various designs of socks and ankle socks woven from lisle thread. Check out our selection of no-show socks, ideal for wearing with trainers, for example.

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