Woollen socks

Woollen socks, ideal for both summer and winter

Soft, comfortable, while letting your feet breathe: wool is an ideal material for socks. With woollen socks, you'll have comfortable feet guaranteed all year round. Check out our range of designs at Achile's on-line store.

Woollen socks: the advantage of quality

Wool is a natural material that is highly prized when it comes to making socks. It offers a number of advantages. First and foremost, it is a high-quality material that is soft and comfortable for day-to-day wear. In addition, woollen socks are ideal for any season. In summer, they allow your skin to breath. Wool is a naturally thermotaxic material: put simply, it keeps your feet cool when the weather is warm. Are you looking for some warm socks for winter ? Wool is also an excellent option! Note that socks are not usually made from 100% wool. Wool is generally mixed with cotton, elastane, polyamide or silk. In that way, you gain the added benefits of each material.

Woollen socks for all the family

In our on-line store you will find a huge range of woollen socks, letting you choose from a large number of designs. For women, for example, check out our houndstooth collection of woollen socks or go for one of our original motifs. For men, check out our range of plain or novelty sock designs. All of our woollen socks are naturally available in a range of sizes to suit all needs.

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