Cotton socks

Cotton socks: always a safe bet

In either summer and winter, cotton socks will take care of your feet. An excellent choice of socks for all the family! Check out Achile's huge range of cotton socks available from our on-line store.

Cotton socks offer a host of advantages

Cotton is one of the fabrics most commonly used for socks. It must be said that cotton offers a number of advantages. It is soft to the touch, comfortable to wear and lets your feet breathe. An additional advantages is that cotton socks are also easy to take care of: they are highly durable and will survive frequent washing.

Cotton socks or pure cotton socks?

To make the right choice, it is important to distinguish between socks made from pure cotton, which contain a minimum of 98% cotton from cotton socks which, in order to be labelled as such, must be made up of over 50% cotton, with other materials added to make cotton socks even more comfortable. Examples include silk, which offers warmth and softness, elastane, which makes the fabric more flexible and elastic, polyamide, a soft, silky synthetic material.

Plain socks or socks with novelty motifs: the choice is yours!

From our on-line store, check out our huge range of cotton socks, catering to a full range of styles and tastes. And be sure not to miss our Classic & Chic collection with high-quality cotton socks that are easy to match with any outfit. These are available in 39/46 one-size-fits-all depending on the model and in different shades to suit all requirements.

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