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Achile Look Book: Men

Achile's Look Book brings you our Winter 2015 collection of men's and women's novelty socks, a range of fun, colourful full-length socks!



"Monster", "Taches", "Cubes"

Fun, novelty socks with patterns and designs available in a range of great colours.


"Camera", "Film", "Houndstooth"

Photography lovers: give people a sneaky flash of these fun photo-themed socks! This themed range of socks is available in grey, denim, yellow and red.



"Pyramide", "Ray" and "Wall"

These new graphics are designed to fool the eye and create a 3D effect.

A great theme for winter, with vibrant shading that is both stylish and invigorating, based on grey and black as the dominant colours.


"Drop", "Richard" and "Craquelé"

Inspiration: the elements, cracks in the earth, molten lava and the layers of the earth.

All designs are available in 5 different shades.



"Robot", "Robots head" and "Engrenage"

Inspired by: All of the fun and nostalgia of vintage robots, available in 5 collectible colours!!!

Since 2014, Achile has offered its "Classic and Chic" range of socks.

A number of different materials are used for this collection: lisle thread, silk and wool all come together for the comfort of those looking for socks that are elegant yet discreet.


VENETIAN theme, with designs:

"Fiorentina", "Denteli?re", "Sofia"

Socks in two different lengths with an elegant air of refinement inspired by the Italian renaissance bring you these woollen designs with gold embroidering and multicoloured yarns.

Keep your feet warm and stylish this winter!

VANITY theme with designs:

"Houndstooth", "Kiss", "Vanity" and "Linda"

A designer theme that will mean you're never without your lipstick! The houndstooth design will look extremely stylish with a pair of court shoes, while the knee-length design with striped ribbing and backs are simply a must!


A DESIGNER PUNK THEME with our Socks range:

"Epingle", "Scotch", "Zip", "Clash", "Wild" and "Chainette"

All the rage for winter, punk attitude revisited in the form of haute couture!

Standard and knee-length socks in black, red, blue with a silver lurex touch that you'll simply adore!

POP ART THEME with designs:

"Dots", "Marilyn", "Judy"

An tribute to?Roy Lichtenstein with these polka dot, striped and face screen print designs: they're striking and vibrant!

Black and white, Flesh, Scarlet, Electric Blue and Gret tones.

Wear a piece of art inside your shoes with So Chic yourSocks!



WEST INDIAN THEME, with designs:

"Indienne", "Navaro" and "Cheyenne", with their non-slip soles for those lazy evenings at home

Inspiration: American Indian ethnic

Colours: Natural black, chocolate and beige colours